About Company


Dmitry Kunis


"Construction management is an intellectual service. And I'm glad that we've built the company that gives priority to intellect".


Yuri Ioffe


"Constructor is the most conservative profession. However our ability to think in a modern way, to accept new things and to be open makes STEP a really innovative company".


Facts about the company

  Managing construction projects since 1993

  Completed - more than 200 projects

  Total area of objects - more than 1 000 000 sq. m

  Geography of projects - 16 regions of Russia

  Offices in Saint Petersburg, Moscow

STEP is a specialist company

  We specialize in the following areas:

  Industrial Construction

  Mining Construction

  Chemical Industry

  Commercial Construction

  Hotel Construction

  Retail Construction

  Each department has its own team with unique experience of construction in its area and awareness of the respective specifics and nuances.

  We have collected and developed the best industry technology, wich enables our clients to derive maximum economic effect from projects.

  We don’t take any project, but what we do take we understand thoroughly.

STEP is an innovational company

  We actively use innovations in project management, construction, IT, HR, marketing and finance.

  All the latest technologies in our field are available to STEP.

  We understand that no technology is an "innovation forever": what is brand-new today is going to be an asset of many companies tomorrow. This is why the distinctive features of STEP are a constant search for and implementation of innovations in all sectors. 

  We think that this approach already is a competitive advantage for STEP.

Our clients

  55 % clients - Russian companies

  45 % clients - foreign companies

  We have carried out projects for companies from 22 countries of the world



Pharmaceutical production plant

STEP will build a high-tech industrial complex for GEROPHARM pharmaceutical company.



Aluminum can factory

STEP appeared as the General Contractor on Design and Construction for ROSTAR – a Packing Division of the Russian Aluminium Company.



Expansion of three plants for producing car parts

STEP general contractor has completed integrated works for expanding three out of seven plants of an industrial park for producing car parts for Hyundai’s St. Petersburg plant. The new production facilities feature expansion by more than 10,000 sq. m in area.



Sapsan repot for trains

STEP will build a Sapsan and Lastochka high-speed train overhaul depot in Metallostroy industrial zone. The client is the German company Siemens –  a high-speed train manufacturer and service company.



Confectionery factory

Construction in Velikij Novgorod of a confectionery factory of the JoyCo company (Spain) in 2000-2001 was performed in exceptionally tough limits of the Customer investment budget.

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