Flavor enhancers warehouse

The first project of STEP Construction projects in the field of industrial construction. This technically complicated object, the warehouse containing explosive substances, is the unique engineering construction and there are no analogues in our country.



Barmy factory

STEP Company was the main contractor of the comprehensive reconstruction of factory Souz buildings, which were redeemed by French investors for the yeast manufacturing, in 1999-2001.



7 factories for auto parts production

STEP began construction of seven auto parts production plants in 2009 for Hyundai car manufacturer, which is based in the Kamenka industrial zone in St. Petersburg. STEР served as the general contractor for construction of the whole industrial park. The seven plants were put into operation in December, 2010.



Cardboard package factory

At the end of January 2006 STEP Construction and Alcan Packaging St. Petesburg signed a contract on development and construction of a plant for production of cardboard packing for tobacco goods. The cost of work made up more than 8 mln Euro, VAT excluded.



Packaging products plant

Since 1999-2006 STEP has been the General Contractor at the Construction of the 5 queues of the packing producing factory of Amcor Rentsch for the Australian investor. The company won each of five construction stages in a separate tender.

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