Labour end Environment Protection

Ojective of STEP in sphere of labor protection is to provide high level of safety, sanitarians and health of all staff, prevention and control possible production accidents on the working places to reduce risks.

Priority directions of the policy for us are the following:

  • Saving lives and health to the staff;
  • Compliance with contracts requirements and Client's expectations, legislative and other regulatory legal acts, agency of state surveillance and control;
  • Involving the staff into managing of labor protection and health;
  • Intensification of labor protection system, which makes safety atmosphere.
Policy of the company in safety area comes true through implementation of labor protection managing system.

Each staff member of Step participating in project realization is responsible for maintenance of labor protection. As a party interested in prevention and control of production dangers direction of the company gives systematical trainings and necessary organizing resources, with the help of confirm procedures and mechanisms which develop dialog and exchange of information.

General policy. Chapter 6. Company policy for labour protection.

Corporate standards:
1. Labour protection management system
2. Management team
3. Safety labour training and knowledge assessment
4. Occupational risks
5. Authorization for hazardous and dangerous work
6. Labour protection on construction sites and in offices of the company

Environment protection

Objective of Step in the sphere of environmental protection is to minimize influence on environment and people’s health in the process of project realization.

Our priority is fulfillment of our Client's requirements and expectations, contract terms, environmental protection legislation, regulatory and legal acts, requirements of state surveillance.

System of measures for environmental protection provides:

  • Control during project realization over handling of building refuse and domestic waste products; observation of process regulations related to handling of building refuse, which provide quantitative reduction of buried waste products, reduction of expenses on waste products handling through using of ecological raw materials, selective collection, safe disposal in temporary storages;
  • Realization of and control over measures for ground protection from influence of the object according to coordinated with the state supervision agencies and approved project documentation;
  • Realization of and control over measures for water conservation according to coordinated with the state supervision agencies and approved project documentation.
General policy. Chapter 7. Company policy for environmental protection.