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Reproductive pig-breeding farm

The first stage of the biggest pig-breeding complex in the Northwest of Russia has been put into operation. This is a reproducer, where feeding pigs will be brought up for the subsequent transfer them to fattening farms. The reproducer will accommodate 2.5 thou. sows of total productivity about 60 thou. marketable piglets per year.



Office premises of the bank. 5 branches

STEP has finished and re-planned premises of the Commercial Societe Generali Vostok Bank (BSGV), three branches at a time.



Ckass "B+" business center

In July, 2009 STEP completed reconstruction of the administrative and household complex located at 69, Shosse Revolutsii, Saint Petersburg, turning it into a class B+ business center. The project customer was Ronda LLC.



Engineering systems for a computer center

STEP General Contractor is reconstructing and modernizing the energy complex of Vnesheconombank’s head office in Moscow. The automated system will help reduce costs for energy use, and significantly simplify the process for managing the energy complex.



Research center for prototype development

STEP is renovating a commercial warehouse complex on Barrikadnaya Ulitsa, which will house a research center for the development of prototypes and industrial samples of electronic weapons for the Russian Navy.

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