Research center for prototype development

STEP is renovating a commercial warehouse complex on Barrikadnaya Ulitsa, which will house a research center for the development of prototypes and industrial samples of electronic weapons for the Russian Navy.



ABB Head Office

STEP was chosen above four other companies in ABB’s tender. Finishing work on the office was started in October, and will continue for two and-a-half months. ABB’s new Petersburg office is located in the Helsingfors Business Center on the corner of the Vyborgskaya Embankment and Helsingforsskaya Ul.



Class "B+" business center

STEP-Construction has carried out the reconstruction of a former administrative-household building of a factory J.M.Sverdlova (Sverdlovskaya emb., 4, Lit. B), now the new business center of a class B” Phoenix is placed here. The Customer of the works is Reforma.  The works have been held from June to December 2004.



Consulate General

STEP has started renovation of the premises of a consulate general in a business center in Saint Petersburg.



Class A Business Center

STEP carried out fit-out of leased premises in accordance with the corporate requirements of the tenants in the first Saint Petersburg Class A business center, Atrium on Nevsky 25.

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