Gold processing plant with capacity of 1.5 mln tons of ore per year

Khabarovsk Region, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur

Step Services
The first phase of the mining and processing plant at the Belaya Gora deposit in the Khabarovsk Region has been put into operation. STEP was involved in the construction of the plant.

Since construction began in February 2012, the main building of the mining and processing plant, a tailings storage facility, a boiler room, a worker’s village for 300 people, an administrative building, chemical and fuel warehouses, roads, power lines, water intake facilities, etc have been built.

Now the power supply installation work is almost complete at Belaya Gora, as are the internal and external engineering networks (heating, water supply, drainage and ventilation systems). Work is underway on the construction of the second phase. The internal roads and thoroughfares of the mining and processing plant are close to completion.

The opening ceremony was held with the participation of the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Region Vyacheslav Shport and the CEO of the management company Russdragmet Valery Oyf. In addition, an agreement was signed on the construction of a liquefaction plant at the Belaya Gora mining and processing plant.

According to Valery Oyf, the plant will process 1.5 million tons of ore and mine about 3 tons of gold a year. Russdragmet expects that the company will bring about RUB 400 million per annum of tax revenues to the regional coffers.

"Belaya Gora is one of the key investment projects in the Khabarovsk Region today. For STEP it is strategically important for several reasons. Within five years, we plan to increase the share of mining in the overall business of the company to 25% and to maintain this figure in the future. In addition, to implement this project for the first time we entered into an open book contract with the client, in accordance to which the contractor is reimbursed for all expenses incurred when carrying out a specific amount of work and a fixed percentage is paid of recoverable costs", says STEP President Dmitry Kunis.

The contract to construct the mining and processing plant with STEP was signed in 2011. The project originator Russdragmet (which belongs to Highland Gold Mining Limited), holds the license for the development and operation of the deposits for 25 years. The Belaya Gora plant is the second self-built facility for Mountain Highland Gold after the Novoshirokinskoye mine.

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