Service stations cars

Moscow Region, Golicyno, Odintsovo District

Construction Time

21 months
August 2014 - May 2016

Step Services
Total Area
5 512 sq. m
STEP completed construction of the first phase of the vehicle service station including an administrative complex for Scania Service LLC, Scania's own dealership.

The facilities are in Odintsovo district Moscow Region on the territory of the existing Scania service center, consisting of a group of buildings. The project is divided in two phases.

"In the first phase, we built a production building, administrative building, offices and auxiliary facilities (two transformer substations, pumping station with fire tanks, potable water storage tank and a retaining wall), we laid on-site utilities, electricity and low voltage networks and also landscaped the service center area," said Fedor Moskalenko, the head of STEP's Industrial Construction department in the Moscow office. He added that the second phase involves the demolition of two existing buildings (an office building and the Scania service station) which do not comply with the customer's technical requirements, and the construction of a production building in their place. The area of the first construction phase is about 3.8 thousand square meters and the second is 1.7.

"We are pleased to note the quality and speed of the construction work," said Andrei Chursin, general director of Scania Service LLC. "I would like to mention that the construction will not affect the work of our service center at all and we serve our customers 24/7 365 days a year."

The multi-functional service center complies with all European requirements and standards which Scania demands from its official dealers. The station will have twelve posts which will enable 24 vehicles to be serviced at the same time. It will offer the whole range of services, from maintenance of Scania vehicles to complex unit repairs and repair of frames and cabs after an accident. The project is scheduled for completion in May 2016.

"Despite temporary difficulties, we still consider the Russian market to be attractive for investors," commented Håkan Jyde, head of captive retail operations at Scania Rus LLC . "With this project, we can provide our customers with one of the most advanced service stations in Moscow."

Scania is a leading global vehicle manufacturer, it produces heavy trucks, buses and industrial and marine engines. The company operates in over 120 countries. Despite the falling market, Scania's Russian distributor has retained its leading position for the last three years among European producers for the sale of trucks over 16 tonnes. As well as its head office in Södertälje (Sweden), Scania has its own plants in other countries in Europe and Latin America. Scania has been operating in Russia since 1993. It has had an official distributor since 1998. Scania Service LLC was established in 1999.

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