Pharmaceutical production plant

Saint Petersburg, Pushkin

Construction Time

23 months
April 2014 - March 2016

Step Services
Total Area
11 432 sq. m
STEP will build a high-tech industrial complex for GEROPHARM pharmaceutical company.

The project will be located in Pushkin on Podbelskoe Shosse. "This will be a building including production, administrative and personnel premises, as well as stand-alone ancillary facilities", noted STEP's head of construction Dmitri Shaufler.

STEP will perform the full range of works: design and survey works, development of permits and general contractor works for construction of the complex.

GK GEROPHARM has been developing and producing Russian innovative drugs and generics for over 12 years and is registered in 13 former countries of the USSR, with offices in five CIS countries. The company is resident of the pharmaceutical clusters in Saint Petersburg and Moscow region

"Construction of an industrial complex for GEROPHARM is STEP's first pharmaceutical industry project. Previously, this segment was considered to be an unattractive investment: the facilities did not cover a large area, while capital was not invested in construction but in high-tech equipment. However, the pharmaceutical cluster has become a leader of Saint Petersburg's industry", said STEP President Dmitri Kunis.

The pharmaceutical clusters began to be formed about 5 to 7 years ago, in particular after the adoption of the federal strategy for development of the sector to 2020 – Pharma-2020. In Saint Petersburg, work on attracting investment and creating pharmaceutical clusters led to the opening of four plants in several laboratories, both private and public. Another three plants, built in accordance with the GMP standard, are planned in the near future in the Novoorlovskaya economic zone. Currently, the city's investment portfolio includes 17 pharmaceutical projects worth over 37 billion rubles.

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