VIP Class Water-Sports Complex

Saint Petersburg, 93, Obvodny channel emb., liter A

Step Services
Total Area
30 000 sq. m
This unique for Saint-Petersburg establishment of VIP class with a hotel Best Western was built in 2000. STEP company realized a complete complex of painting and decorating.During the works there were used more than 60 kinds of facing slab, total area being 4.000 sq. m.

The complex has 4 saunas, two of them are supplied with oaken barrels each of 1,5 ton capacity.

The interior of a locker room is executed in Turkish style with forged incrustation. The Turkish bath is riveted with a natural marble. A unique sound sauna with aromatherapy and color light. Above the pool there is a tension ceiling, which has no analogues in Saint-Petersburg.

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