Electric product factory

In 2007 STEP signed an agreement for design and construction of the Schneider Electric wiring products plant.




STEP has completed construction of the Moscow opticians SMOTRI. This is the chain's 12th store in Moscow and the first in a new concept, with goods openly displayed and a radically new merchandising system. It is located in the Atrium shopping center (ul. Zemlyanoy val, 33). The store covers 110 square meters.




Jensen Group, an American company, ordered integrated reconstruction of this residential building to be used as an apart-hotel. Work on restoring the building’s façade, replacing the utilities, performing elite finishing of the apartments, and installing additional equipment was all done by STEP in just half a year – from August 1998 to January 1999.



Class "B" business center

STEP Construction started collaboration with the Becar Realty Group. STEP have reconstructed the former office building for the B + class business centre Bazen. Sketches of the facade appearance were developed by The 32nd of December company.



Tailings treatment complex at the iron ore refinery

STEP has completed the first phase of the construction of a tailings treatment complex at the Karelsky Okatysh mining and processing plant (part of Severstal). 

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