Services Department

General contract on design

Technical customer functions

General contract on construction

  • Organizing subcontract tenders
  • Purchasing, delivery and storage of building materials
  • Supplying the site with machinery, electricity, and communication
  • Organizing the interaction on the site
  • Building and construction
  • Monitoring compliance with rules, budget, and time limits
  • Conducting an acceptance commission

Launching the object

Guarantee maintenance

Project Implementation

Our team is ready to provide the client with detailed consultations on all the subtleties of the tasks being performed at every stage of project implementation

Step 1 - Consultations at the stage of concept design

Consultations during development of planning concepts:
  • determination of precise areas for technical rooms;
  • recomendations on fire prevention measures when locating racking;
  • recomendations on fire prevention measures when developing the general plan concept;
  • determination of construction volumes.
Recomendations on construction solutions in potential regions:
  • offering several variants of structures and preliminary computation with a feasibility study.
Adaptation and location of corporate standards.
Getting preliminary technical specifications for connection to city utilities.
Participation in development of the statement for the design work of engineering sections.
The result of our work:
The concept, including optimized solutions for the structures and engineering sections.
Optimized budget for the design and turn-key construction with a fixed price.
Getting approval for the statement of design work.

Step 2 - Development of design documentation

Getting technical specifications for design and initial permits for development of the project.
Complete control over execution of the working documentation.
Notification to the Client of the work progress and agreement with the Client on key points.
Participation in getting approval of all the city autorities.
The result of our work:
Project which is implemented in accordance with the approved concept and statement of work.
Timely positive conformance from the Commission on the approved part of the design documentation.
Optimization of the  process of getting approval of the project from the relevant authorities.

Step 3 - Construction

Holding tenders to select the best cubcontractors, making agreements with them and organizing interaction.
Creation of construction site infrastructure. Provision of logistics, communication, power, personnel facilities, cleaning, transport, security and construction culture.
Ensuring compliance of the design documentation with the formal and actual requirements present.
Technical supervision of the design documentation and determination of the sequence of work performance.
Preparation of as-built documentation.
Interaction with technical supervision, author's control and the State control authorities.
Control over compliance with the safety requirements, environmental regulations and other limitations imposed by law and authorities.
Construction budget control within the limit of the estimate approved.
Freeing the Client from the necessity to settle conflicts on its own.
The result of our work:
Timely delivery of rooms to the Client for installation of technological (trading) equipment.
Commissioning work start-up in accordance with the works schedule.

Step 4 - Object delivery and opening

Work of the acceptance committee.
Getting a statement on compliance of the constructed object:
  • collecting all the statements on compliance with technical specifications;
  • performance of all inspections for the Health Inspection Service;
  • delivery of the object to the fire supervision autorities;
  • collecting other documents required.
Commissioning of the object.
Delivering the object to the Client's operating organization.
The result of our work:
Full package of as-built documentation and its delivery to the operating company.
Instruction and training of the personnel on operation of engineering equipment installed.
Full readiness of the object for reception of visitors.