Services Department

General contract on design

Technical customer functions

General contract on construction

  • Organizing subcontract tenders
  • Purchasing, delivery and storage of building materials
  • Supplying the site with machinery, electricity, and communication
  • Organizing the interaction on the site
  • Building and construction
  • Monitoring compliance with rules, budget, and time limits
  • Conducting an acceptance commission

Launching the object

Guarantee maintenance

Mining Construction

from design to turnkey enterprise


STEP Group is attended to manage construction of industrial, mining and civil facolities in an optimal way for investors.


PiterGORproject is a STEP Group company which specializes in design of mining, mining & metallurgical plants.

Deposit development interactions and responsibilities of the partners


Our principles

  • Understanding both requirements and expectations of the customers
  • Applying up-to-date efficient technical solutions
  • Swiftness and accuracy in handling the tasks undertaken
  • Ensuring high qulity of design and construction service
  • Fast response to the customer's requirements

PiterGORproject Services

  • Design of mining and general engineering enterprises for any industry
  • Non-standard facilities design of any complexity
  • Elaborating technical assignments and design projects of the automated process control systems for any industry
  • Comprehensive project support including obtainment of approvals and permits
  • Designer and technical supervision
  • General Designer functions
  • Feasibility evaluations
  • Project value assessments, feasibility studies and calculations
  • Engineering and economic survey of the mining enterprises
  • Consulting services

STEP Services

Technical customer functions

  • Getting governmental approvals
  • Obtaining technical conditions for communications connection
  • Arranging relations with neighbors
  • Obtaining working documentation
  • Preparation for construction
  • Technical supervision

General contracting

  • Organising contract tenders
  • Purchasing, delivery and storage of construction materials
  • Supplying the site with machinery, electricity and communication
  • Organizing the interaction on the site
  • Construction and installation works
  • Monitoring compliance with rules, budget and time limits
  • Conducting the acceptance commission

Launching the facility

  • Purchasing and installation of equipment
  • Personnel recruitment and training
  • Delivery of the functioning facility to the customer

Performing guarantee maintenance


Open pit mining and undergroud mining design

Open-pits, ore mines,shafts and open cuts design, that comprises 3D modeling and up-to-date software involvement including Datamine Studio 3

Coprehensive design of concentrating plants

  • To select options for the project solutions we perform a technology analysis with regard to a specific type of the feed stock and the designed facility
  • Close relationships with research centres and labs enable our joint effors to develop new technological solutions aside from chemical and engineering assay of stocks

Development of Automated Process Control Systems (APCS)

  • Automation object survey
  • Developing concept of automation, technical requirements and technical assignments for APCS; optimizing technical requirements with regard to a specific project
  • Selection of the hardware and software complexes for APCS
  • Elaborating of design and working documentation for local and full scale APCS in construction and reconstruction
  • Managing construction and electric wiring works; on-going technical supervision over the APCS projects

Feasibility calculations and evaluations

  • Feasibility calculations are performed as a part of the pre-project studies (feasibility evaluations and calculations) as well as a part of the project (feasibility study, bankable feasibility study)
  • We develop conditions feasibility study of the mined and new deposits, business plans of the mining & metallurgical projects

Environment Protection

  • We appreciate the utmost importance of the environment protection issues and prudent management of the natural resources
  • Our skilled personnel and technical opportunities enable us to perform the whole range of design services related to the industrial ecology and environment protection

Elaborates documentation at different design stages

  • Declaration of intent
  • Financiability study
  • Feasibility study
  • Design project
  • Working documentation

Construction management and setting the designed facilities into operation

  • Our services comprise provision of entire life cycle of the project including its construction management, designer supervision, handing over a turn key facility to the customer, engineering support during its exploitation, reconstruction, conservation and abandonment