Services Department

General contract on design

Technical customer functions

General contract on construction

  • Purchasing, delivery and storage of building materials
  • Supplying the site with machinery, electricity, and communication
  • Organizing the interaction on the site
  • Building and construction
  • Monitoring compliance with rules, budget, and time limits
  • Conducting an acceptance commission

Launching the object

Guarantee maintenance



Office premises of the bank

In April, 2010 STEP completed reconstruction of the third Saint Petersburg branch of Swedbank, located at 16, Pr. Dobrolyubova.



Office premises of the bank. 3 branches

Finishing of the the Raiffeisenbank Ausria office at the business center Northern Capital House (36 Moika Embankment) was conducted in conditions of a number of limitations, in order to avoid negative influence on the business rhythm of one of the leading St. Petersburg A-class business centers.



Trade and service complex

STEP Construction has completed work under the general contract on design and construction of two turns of the Parade trading-and-amenity centre. The object is situated on the crossing of the Pribrezhnaya str. and the Karavaevskaya str. (Rybatskoye, block 10); close to the Rybatskoye Metro station. Concept Group appeared as the customer.



Construction and finishing materials store

OBI Real Estate and Development Rus and STEP Construction signed General contract for designing and construction of a Building and Finishing Materials Store OBI with a Garden Centre. Total value of the project is about 430 mln. roubles.



Electronics cyberstore

STEP is completing construction of an Ulmart cyberstore of electronics, appliances and computer hardware in Moscow. The project customer is Ulmart Development LLC.

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